Our oils are defined by their uncompromising quality, purity and aromatic excellence.

Purity Tested.
Quality Guaranteed.

For three decades, we've set the standard
of quality for essential oil.

Essential oils are the concentrated form of the oils found naturally in flowers, leaves, bark, stems, seeds and other parts of plants. When the oils are extracted they maintain the characteristic fragrance, or essence of that plant.

  • 100% pure oil extracted directly from the botanical plant source
  • Certified to contain NO synthetics or impurities
  • Tested to meet stringent quality specifications every time
  • Each oil is traceable to its source
  • Harvested using sustainable and ethical practices

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I am a motivated Entrepreneur with a goal to help as many families as I can.   I Have studied Leadership under Orrin Woodward of Team Leadership & Life Leadership,  for over 4 years!  After  working closely with his organization,  my desire is to edify and lift others to reach their potential.  He always said rising tides raise all ships! My Goal is to leave a memory with people that I come in contact with.... An impression that they say I have found a friend.  People don't care how much you know till they know how much you care. 

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